To SBT customers with dual engine Sea-Doo jetboats:

The oiling system in Sea-Doo 587, 657/X, 717 and 787 engines utilizes an oil bath circulatory system, to lubricate the gear mesh between the center crankshaft gear and the rotary shaft gear.

This consists of two large oil lines connected to the bottom of the crankcase on both sides of the engine, looping to and from the oil reservoir tank. The feed line comes off the bottom of the oil reservoir tank, and connects to the right side of the left engine, just below the intake manifold. The exit line from the left engine is just under the exhaust manifold, and connects in series to the feed fitting on the right engine, just below it's intake manifold. The exit line from the right engine is just below it's exhaust manifold, and then returns to the top of the oil reservoir tank.

The gear mesh in each engine is what slowly circulates this oil system, to keep it fresh and cool. If any air pockets are allowed in the lines to either engine, this gear mesh will strip, causing damage.

It is extremely important when installing a new engine or disconnecting this oil system for any reason, that all air be allowed to escape all lines, before running. Doing so is very easy, you just need to watch each line as the oil system is being filled, and move any line with air trapped in it, to allow it to travel back up to the oil tank.

It is also very important to completely fill the oil system when first running, to prevent any missed large air pocket from draining the tank to an unsafe level. If the tank is not properly filled, the oil bath system may use all the oil available in the tank, starving the oil injection pumps for the engines. Fill the tank completely and keep it topped off during all running to avoid any of these issues.