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    Aug 2004
    Greenville SC

    Default Top Speed revisited

    Ok so the top speed of the Turbo is 61MPH does it change from the 2 seater to the 3 seater.

    I called my Local Honda PWC dealer today and he said he is running some deals on the 04's he has left and one 03.

    $6999 for a 04 2 seater non turbo
    $8999 for a 03 2 seater w/turbo

    And it goes up from there.

    The one I like is the 3 seater Blue and white with gray turbo and he wants $10,749 for it.

    Chad C
    Mauldin, SC
    2007 FX Cruiser

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    Aug 2003
    a guy that uses Nitro

    Default Re: Top Speed revisited

    the F12x does 59.1-60 the R12x will do 62.5-63

    both have the same 165hp engine. The hulls and ride are notably different.
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