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    Apr 2002
    SW Michigan

    Default Engine Mount - When To Replace?

    While preparing to place a rebuilt SBT Polaris motor into the hull, I noticed an engine mount that could be bad and in need of replacement.

    The threaded metal stud is still connected to the metal base plate, but the bottom of the black rubber is separating from the metal base plate.

    Does the separation of the black rubber from the metal base plate mean that this engine mount must be replaced?

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    Apr 2002
    SW Michigan

    Default Re: Engine Mount - When To Replace?

    I was examining that motor mount in semi darkness last night, so I am going to answer my own question, since I've now put the light of day on it.

    The engine/motor mount metal stud is actually separating from my mount's baseplate, so it definitely needs replacing. The fact that the black rubber is separating means that one had better look more closely.

    Be sure to check the condition of your motor mounts before putting in your replacement SBT engine!

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