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    Jun 2005
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    Default 93 SL 650 fuel problem

    I posted this already in the newgroup and got a reply from SBT to which I acted upon and oredered the fuel pump kit. Wheter or not this solves my problem I think it's a good idea to install it.

    I've now received a response from another fellow who doesn't think this is my problem. Here is the thread and attached is a picture of my fuel pickup cap on gas tank...could this be a problem? It is cracked all around....I repaired it temporarily with liquid gasket but haven't tried it yet.

    Any ideas would help...



    EOC wrote:
    > Can anyone else confirm this fuel pump issue? Surely there must be owners
    > out there that have faced this problem before? What was your fix?
    > Thanks.
    > "Tech - SBT" <> wrote in message
    > news:H7ake.34999$
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > "EOC" <> wrote in message
    > > news:Hx5ke.388$
    > >> 1993 SL 650 triple....Goes full bore for about 5-8 seconds then starves
    > >> for fuel...almost dies. Choke helps...then you can full tilt again for
    > >> just a few a cycle. 1 carb diaphragm was just replaced
    > >> but not on other 2 carbs...
    > >>

    I don't disagree with SBT on the undersizing of the fuel pump but don't
    believe that is your immediate problem. The fuel pump issue causes
    long term problems, not sudden changes in operating performance.
    However, there is also another problem with the fuel pump called an
    auto cock which was a vacuum controlled fuel shutoff valve. They all
    failed - there was a TSB to the dealers years ago about the problem and
    how to bypass the feature. Bypassing it leaves you with no fuel cutoff
    option but should clear up the problem you're discussing. The other
    possible issue is the sealing around the throat of the pickup tube
    itself. They can develop an air leak and can't continue to flow
    sufficient fuel and so the ski leans out and starts to die. The choke
    creates more pull on the fuel, thus the reason it runs with the choke
    out. Honestly, that ski was on of the early efforts by Polaris and had
    several issues associated with it so I wouldn't sink a lot of money
    into repairing it.
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