I bought it used, had a couple of minor problems initially which have been fixed.
OK, I've only taken it out twice since I got it. The first time it ran great but right away I noticed that the water coming out of the cooling system tateltail on the front was very hot and not a steady stream. After about 5 minutes the ski shut down on what must be high temp. When I got it home I flushed it and had a good stream of water coming out what is normally the intake fitting in the jet nozzle area. Still not a steady stream out of the tateltail, but it's cooler water with the ski running for about 5 - 10 minutes at idle. So I pulled the temp sensor that is in line before the tataltail, it had some mineral deposits built up on it. I changed the temp sensor and went back to the river, same thing happened! So this time when I got it home I started taking the muffler and exhaust system apart blowing through with air to check for blockages, none found. I have not taken the exhaust manifold off yet. I do see mineral deposits in the water part of the heat exchanger/exhaust, but it does not look that terrible. Could the mineral deposits be resricting the water flow enough to cause the overheating? If so, how do I clean it out??