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    May 2005
    Pensacola fl

    Default Crankshaft rotary valve shaft recommendations?

    I need another crankshaft and rotary valve shaft for a 720 .

    Are the hot rods by Wiseco crankshafts any good? Is a rebuilt crankshaft the way to go?

    Does anyone know what is meant by "welded" crankshaft? I really do not understand what can be welded on a crankshaft.

    WSM makes an aftermarket rotary valve shaft and brass gear. Is it better to go OEM or will the WSM parts work okay?

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    Jul 2004
    Ft Worth Tx

    Default Re: Crankshaft rotary valve shaft recommendations?

    I can sell you the brass gear for cheaper than WSM or dealers and it is OEM 29.50 shipped to your door. As far as the crankshaft being welded it means they have welded the pin on the hub .

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    Jun 2004
    Glendora California

    Default Re: Crankshaft rotary valve shaft recommendations?

    If you do not know what "welded crankshaft" means, then you may not know that rebuilding a crankshaft is not normally done at home ( unless you are setup to rebuild two stroke crankshafts). They are pressed together, then indexed and trued. Sometimes, they are welded to ensure they stay trued.

    Hot rods are good rods, but it is hard to beat a rebuilt crankshaft from a company like SBT for the money that you will spend getting it done elsewhere or even DIY.
    Bill O'Neal, owner of Watercraft Magic in Glendora California,

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