I just wanted to let everyone know I accidentally sucked up two pounds - it was measured - of river sand into my Honda's exhaust. It was enough to cripple the engine (plugged the exhaust) and require a tow back to the ramp.

However, after two weeks and more than I want to admit in dealership repair and diagnostic costs no damage could be found to anything other than a single exhaust pipe that plugged and melted. This doesn't count seals and such required to reassemble the engine (my option - read on).

I ride solo sometimes and depend on my machine. I needed to know if permanent damage had been done. I had them disect and examine the entire open-loop cooling cavity including the turbo inter-cooler. The jet pump internals also "look like brand new".

The service manager told me he was amazed given the massive amount of fine particle sand ingested.

I am too embarrassed to tell you how much this cost at dealership labor prices, but suffice it to say it was about 20% the cost of the boat.

Do not try this at home! Mostly because you probably don't have any place to ride a PWC at home. Few people have a personal lake, but if you do - be careful around the shallows with sandy bottoms.

If you do have an accident know the Honda internals and pump are solid enough to handle something like this!