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    Jul 2004
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    Default 2005 VX110 Deluxe: Sucked up ski rope

    Dang it! Sucked up a ski rope in my new Yamaha today. Was at idle speed when it happened. It did cut off the engine. Towed the unit to the dock at 6 MPH. Questions: #1) could I have taken in water in the engine during the tow? #2) I removed the intake gate and cut off all rope that I could. Where the shaft goes into the hull, the rope is so tight I can't get it off. I sliced it, but can't get it out. What should I do? #3) Because I can't get rope off, I haven't tried to start it to flush out any water (see question #1) - what are my consequences? THANKS!!

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    May 2005

    Default Re: 2005 VX110 Deluxe: Sucked up ski rope

    I don't know anything about the vx110, but generally speaking .... you shouldn't have taken on water with the tow; I've towed many yamahas for long distances without trouble.

    For #2 you might have to consider taking the impeller and shaft out to cut the rope. Again, I have no idea on the vx110, however on the gp1200R taking the impeller and shaft out is not that difficult, basically you remove the steering jet, take a few bolts out of the impeller housing and the housing, impeller, and shaft come out as a unit. Check the parts diagram on your boat online, shouldn't be that difficult.

    As for #3, if it was fresh water no problem. If salt you will want to get it out as soon as possible. If salt water sits in there for more than a few days things will start to corrode .. get your elf a few quarts of "salt away" or "salt terminator" and flush it on the hose with this chemical a few times to help.
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    Default Re: 2005 VX110 Deluxe: Sucked up ski rope

    Sorry to hear about the rope should be able to get it out just by removing the intake grate,should not have damaged any thing since you did not try to run it. If you rotate the engine with the coupler (easy access) you should be able to remove the excess rope. As an aside the mirrors on the VX's are VERY prone to breakage,the older style for the XLT's fit very nicely and are much more durable.Yamaha will address this issue as this appears to be a widespread issue.Best of luck on your new VX110,Regards,Rick.

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