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    Apr 2003

    Default pressure testing a block

    Hi guys,

    I have a question about pressure testing a block. I just got my 93 SL 650 engine back together. I have built many automotiv engines, but this is my first two stroke.
    I read the tech article, and just want to be sure I understand correctly. It sounds like you are checking the entire block for pressure, not each individual cylinder and crankcase. Is this correct, or do you have to worry about leaks from one section of the crankcase to another?


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    Feb 2005
    south jersey

    Default Re: pressure testing a block

    Yes you are checking the entire block. If the engine will not let air leak out past the seals and gaskets, it will not let air leak in past them when the engine is running and producing a vacuum. Thats what you are really trying to confirm. There is only one way you want air to be able to enter the running engine, through the carb.

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    Mar 2005
    Hazleton, PA

    Default Re: pressure testing a block

    I posted this on PWC earlier....

    When I rebuilt my motor over the winter, I spend about 10 bucks to make my pressure test kit. I had the intake manifold bolted on (triple sl750 engine) and the exhaust manifold off. I plugged up the 3 intake and 3 exhaust ports using plumbing plugs (See picture). The plugs are the rubber kind that have a wing nut on them and expand when they are tightened? Do you know what I'm talking about? Then I took the pulse line and hooked up a bicycle pump to it. The pump had a gauge on it so I was able to see what pressure I was pumping it to. I set the pressure, walked away, and came back 10 mins later. The pressure held, therefore I figured I had an air tight engine. Hope this helps.


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    Apr 2003

    Default Re: pressure testing a block

    Thanks for the replies. Those plumbing plugs look pretty cool. I did mine today. I just made a cover out of 3/4" plywood for both sides with rubber gaskets made out of an old inner tube I got free from my local garage. Took me about an hour to mark and drill the holes, and bolt them up. I used a bulb from a blood pressure cuff to pressure it up. I have a couple of guages laying around so that wasn't a problem either.
    Held 10 psi for at least 5 minutes, so I figure it should be good.

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