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    May 2005
    New Orleans, La.

    Default Question from tech article(oil injection blockoff)

    I have a 96 780sl. Decided to block off from reading the article. On a Polaris(not model specific),, states that a plastic shaft in the case needs to be removed with pliers. I checked the installation/remove guides for model specific info. When I unbolted the pump, the gear, spacer, and bushing slid out
    literally. Searched the tech articles again for something pertaining to my situation. To no avail, I put the block off kit on(with the original o-ring installed from the oil pump) and it didn't seem like a tight fit. The block off plate with o-ring kinda slid into the shaft with no effort. It wouldn't even stay in the casing until I put a bolt. Left the gear and spacer out. torqued the allen-head bolts to spec, put the rubber caps on the carbs where the oil lines from the pump were initially routed, tie strapped the float in the oil resevior to full position, and blocked off the line from the resevior with a bolt. Will this config work or have I done something wrong? Should I have used a high-temp sealant or something else on the block off plate? May be beating a dead horse, just couldn't find a situation exactly like mine. Thanks for the help if anyone's been in the same situation.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Question from tech article(oil injection blockoff)

    You need to remove the driveshaft - everythign comes out, you just put the plate on. The o-ring should seal the same as the pump did - if it's not for whatever reason, use a bead of gasket maker.
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    May 2005
    New Orleans, La.

    Default Re: Question from tech article(oil injection blockoff)

    Thanks for responding.

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