Let me start by saying I am more adept to bitching about bad service than commending good service. The experience with SBT deserve kudos!

With that said:

I have been a watercraft fanatic since I rode my first JetSki in 1978, at the ripe old age of eight! My family and I have owned ski's of varying makes and sizes since the early days. I cannot tell you how many thousands of dollars have been handed over to Kawasaki dealers, Ocean Pro, and a plethera of other suppliers and manufacturers, etc. I can think of one experience off-hand in all the years that deserved any recognition. The experience with SBT deserves Kudos!

I will skip the unimportant details and begin with I bought a ski with a seized motor three weeks ago, easily rebuildable, great core, but decided to give SBT a try after passing on them a few years back in lieu of rebuilding my old 650.

I debated over a week, checking reviewing the SBT site, calling and asking questions, etc.
EVERY PERSON I SPOKE with was pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful; not the normal arrogant, condescending attitudes you expect from the dealers and industry insiders. I was never hurried to get off the call or spoken to in a demeaning manner. I cannot stress how much of a factor this played in my decision. The people make a difference!

I hope you will look up my order (Invoice 429850) and let the girl, who's name I wrote down, however, cannot locate now, know that she does a great job, and exceeded all expectations from this hard-to-please customer! My order was placed and everything was double-checked for accuracy. She also stated that she would get it out before the delivery pick-up came (about 30 minutes) so I would not have to wait an extra day! The order was placed on Wednesday and scheduled for delivery on Tuesday of the following week. My receptionist calls me on Friday and tells me that a heavy package was here. Almost 48 hours later, my engine was in Dallas, Texas from Florida. Kudos to SBT and FedEx on exceeding the customers expectations!

Wait, theres more!

I was please to see a package, professional in appearance, and professionally packaged! Inside I found a great looking owners manual, and professionally packaged SBT branded gasket kit and block off kit. Clear instructions on returning the core and best of all a poster of a hot chick with a see through top (which my wife opposed to me putting up in my garage due to my young boys. A couple pieces of electrical tape solved that problem. Good thing is my wife and the "poster girl" favor each other, and could easiliy pass as sisters). Back on the topic, kudos to SBT on the shipment and presentment of my new motor!

In final thought, SBT is more than just a remanufactured engine provider. They represent what a lot of companies lack, they are a "well oiled" machine. Let me list the strong points:

1) Customer centric- Customers are your most important asset, they know this!

2) Socially Responsible- Evident in the "ride safe" videos. Hell, even the manufacturers dont do this!

3) Constantly improving operations.

4) Solid support and doing what they say.

5) Results Driven.

That is all

If you have any left, I would love to have a t-shirt and will wear it with pride.