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    Jun 2005

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    I Have A 2000 Gtx Millinium Edition And It Just Wont Take Off ,it Turns On As It Should And Runs And Idles Well Out Of Water ,but Once In The Water It Just Wont Take Off It Boggs Down And Shuts Off What Should I Check

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    Aug 2001
    Bayville Nj

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    Is this the first time you have had it out this year? If so, have you put new plugs in after burning up the fogging oil? Might have just fouled one out. Start there. After that, I would probably start looking into the carbs.

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    Jun 2005

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    i did not fog the engine the ski is garage kept year round i have used it 4 times this year already and the problem started on the last trip ,it worked fine the trip before so i don,t understand what could be going wrong, a diaphram is possilbly collasped in 1 of the carbs. could this be possibly the cause of it noit running at all know

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    Feb 2004
    New Jersey

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    heated garage or not you need to winterize and fog the ski , rust will build up and damage your engine . i posted pix not long ago on what can happin .

    you need to do a compression check and check your fuel filter , your carbs are prob clogged up .
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