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    Jun 2005
    Pope AFB , NC

    Default bombardia oil do i have to use it

    well i was looking on the seadoo and it says do not use Tc-w3 .. can i use it or do i have to use the bombardia oil and why .. what is so important about the stuff .. i am using it on a ski that has no warrenty so do i have to use it or can i use something else and hwta are you recommandations ??? if some one could get back to me asap .. going out tomarrow and i am almost out of oil so before i screw anything up .. i need to know .. thanks


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    Feb 2004
    New Jersey

    Default Re: bombardia oil do i have to use it

    you need a good low ash oil . amsoil is great stuff and cheeper then bom oil theres also some other good oils out there .
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    Feb 2005

    Default Re: bombardia oil do i have to use it

    Quaker State Just stopped making their oil. I just starting using it last month.

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