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    Jan 2005

    Default 94 sp impeller shaft

    I was riding my ski today and i hit the gas and it made a pop and wouldnt move and started taking on water so i got pulled to shore to find that some type of bearing or something inbetween the pto and impeller gave out grease everywhere motor runs fine so i am very happy because its brand new but what is the problem. I started to take external pump parts off to see if i could take impeller off and pull out the shaft but after i take off small cone where gear lube is i cant get the square shaft to turn any ideas i am guessing those are reverse threads onthere HELP me please....

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    Jun 2002
    Charlotte NC

    Default Re: 94 sp impeller shaft

    You remove the pump by removeing the four bolts around the outside of the pump. You will also have to remove the cooling line and bilge lines from the inside of the ski. Now you should be able to pull it off to the rear with eveything in one piece. It is sealed arounfd the hise fittings so it may be hard to pull off. Now remove the clamps on the PTO and the driveshaft should slide out the rear if it didn't come out with the pump. The center carrier with the bearings and seals you can remove from the inside if you loosen the hose clamps.
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