Hello friends,

I do not know if there is a thread allready but I 'd like to know if there is a diference between the 587 white and yellow engine.

If I buy a seadoo sp 1992 model with a yellow engine is it posible to install that engine at my sp 1996 model ??

Can I find a new or a refixed engine for my sp 1995 model at Greece??
Can someone send me one ?? Wherever I have searched for these engines are sold only at USA.

When I see at ebay that a white 587 engine is for sale for 800 $ does it mean only the main engine?? Are the pistones and all the parts that the engine must have included??

I want to find an engine that it will be ready to put gas and oil and will be ready to start. Is that possible and how much do you think that will cost ??