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    Jun 2005
    Salt Lake

    Default Oil injection bypass question.

    Hi, I have been working with the only PWC shop in town that knows anything about my 90 X2 that I am in the process of getting back on the water after a long time in the garage. One of the things the mechanic suggested, was that I bypass the injector and run premix. He stated he had a block off kit for a few bucks and that was all it would take. After I removed the reservoir and oil lines, he told me he didn't have the block off kit, and after all I really didn't need one, just leave the hose from the crank case to the bottom of the carb connected, and cap off the other end of the hose leading to the crank case from where the tank used to be.
    Does that sound right??
    When I called around to some other shops, no one knew what I was talking about, (granted, I live in Salt lake, and there aren't too many shops that are familiar with older Kawasakis apparently.) I finally got all the parts I need to get it on the lake, but I don't want to if the way he suggested isn't right.

    I am not as familiar with my ski as I should be, but I am learning a lot, (thanks to this site,) but I am going to ask a dumb question, what is the plunger located next to the exhaust manifold for? I am guessing some kind of bilge, what does it pump / release, and where does it go?

    Thanks, and awesome site guys!


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    Mar 2004

    Default Re: Oil injection bypass question.

    i would not recomend just disconecting your oil pump. you really need to remove it completely. i have block off kits here in stock for 10.00 + s&h if you want one.

    the plunger you are talking about is a crank case drain, incase you flood your motor, (with fuel or water). i would just leave it alone.

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