I know nothing about repairing PWC's, therefore, I may be a sitting duck for getting ripped-off by a technician that is unqualified or dishonest. I'm looking for a tech that can do ALL general type repairs, *and*, do them RIGHT the first time.

I'll be buying a Yamaha and since at least half of my riding will be in salt water jumping waves, I may have more breakdowns than the average rider.

Could someone recommend.......

1] The BEST Yamaha *certified* tech, and
2] The BEST "all-around" tech (if better than the certified tech)

.......from those you have had personal experience with in the following 2 areas:

1] Dallas/Ft. Worth
2] Galveston / Houston / Beaumont

I'm obviously trying to get a handle on this *before* my ski breaks so I won't be S.O.L. when the pressure's on!