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    Jul 2004

    Default Primer install on 99 XP

    Now that I have installed the primer kits in the the top side choke shaft openings of the carbs I am wondering if the primer lines will be to close to the exhaust pipe.
    I placed old 8MM fuel line over the primer lines and then ran them up and over the top of the air ducts to the tee fitting. They are not touching the pipe but I don't want a fire.



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    Feb 2004
    New Jersey

    Default Re: Primer install on 99 XP

    i ran my lines right next to the pipe for 3 yrs sold the ski but its the same to this day ,aslong as you do not over heat it your fine no matter where you put them if you overheat the pipe it will melt anything . ive seen the foam melted in the hull before lol .
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