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Thread: zxi primer kit

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    Sep 2003

    Default zxi primer kit

    After putting a primer kit on an zxi 900 do you have to adjust carbs? Also is there any easy performence mods other than ride plate and grate that is really worth the money? What aftermarket reeds work well with this ski?

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    May 2003
    Oak Forest Il

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    have the zxi 1100 and did not have to adjust carbs. all the primer is doing is injecting raw fuel into the carb so you can start it. what you may find is that for the first 30 seconds or so you may need to keep adding a pump or two while applying throttle until the fuel supply steadies out to the carbs. you will find it makes WORLD of difference in starting. it used to take me 10 minutes of on and off cranking now its maybe 2-5 seconds. When you first start to pump it keep pumping until you feel the primer actually pumping fuel (you will feel it sort of squirt as you pump it) then do two to three pumpsand crank it whille you give it some throttle
    can't speak to the rest of your thread....

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    Apr 2005
    New Hampshire

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    Modification should not be necessary. In RARE instances, it may help to re-jet (depending on other mods) to account for the SLIGHT increase in airflow without the choke plate in the way.

    As far as reeds, this is a quote from GroupK (

    "REEDS - The stock reeds and cages on these machines have consistently out performed any aftermarket reeds we have tested. Some aftermarket reeds can offer better power for 20-30 operating minutes. However after that amount of time the material often "looses its memory" or begins to chip. As this happens, the performance offered by these weakened aftermarket reeds becomes worse than stock. If you do choose to purchase reed cages or petals from any aftermarket manufacturer, get an assurance that their in-house technicians will be able to help you with the carb tuning needed to get your engine running properly. These engines come stock with reed stuffers, none are needed."

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