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    Jul 2005
    Lake Gaston, VA

    Default 98 GSX Ltd Cooling System

    Does anybody know where i can go online to find out about the cooling system and how everything works such as where the water flows and which direction the water flows in the cooling line... its hard to find im jus wonderin if any of you out there know where i could find one? i should probably get a repair manual but my dealer down here is charging me 60$ so thats why im checking with you guys first...
    Chris Shelton
    Sea-doo GSX Limited
    Lake Gaston, VA

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    Nov 2003
    Glendora, CA

    Default Re: 98 GSX Ltd Cooling System

    My water schematic is in my $60.00 manual. A $15 CD, sold right here in the "parts for sale" forum will have it too.
    Bill O'Neal <br>
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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: 98 GSX Ltd Cooling System has online microfiche.
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    Feb 2001
    So. Cal

    Default Re: 98 GSX Ltd Cooling System

    The early 98 manuals (like mine) and the 98 fische are incorect and show the cooling that the 97 used, opposite. Like I answered on the other thread, use the 99+ year for the fiche and it will show correct.
    Being ignorant, is not so much ashame as being unwilling to learn. Benjamin Franklin

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