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    Jul 2004

    Default how to remove fuel tank on 750 sxi (for steering cable)

    Does anyone know if it's possible to remove the fuel tank without removing the engine and how? My steering cable is broken and at the shop they said that i have to remove the intake grill, ride plate, engine and fuel tank. But i think i can do it without removing the engine if i can get the tank out.
    please help

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    Aug 2001
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Re: how to remove fuel tank on 750 sxi (for steering cable)

    Using strong tape, like strapping tape or duct tape, attach the old and new cables together, end to end (paying close attention to the cable ends and orientation) and then pull the old cable out.....just like magic........presto! the new cable is in place and ready to be secured in place!

    Kawasaki used to have a special tool that was just a piece of 8X40 mm brass hex stock with 5mm threads going all the way through it for just this purpose....The part number from Kawasaki was 46102-3703, you need to cut the hex stock in half, it makes 2 tools, and it is relatively cheap that way (sort of buy one get one free) I don't know if it is still available or not.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Jul 2004

    Default Re: how to remove fuel tank on 750 sxi (for steering cable)

    thanks very much

    This way seems much much easier:) :) :)
    let's try

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