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    Jun 2005

    Default Mixing oil with gas?

    I have a 99 seadoo gs that is getting another rebult SBT engine put in, after only about 20 hours on the first one. I asked the dealer about installing the oil block-off kit on it and they said they did not recommend that. Instead, they said as an added precaution I should just mix 1 oz of oil for every gallon of gas directly into the gas tank, along with the oil in the separate tank. I have never really heard of doing this, so I wanted to get some expert opinions on it. So, what do you think about mixing it just a little, is that really going to save the engine if the oil pump fails or is just gonna give it some extra lubrication? Thanks for your help.

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    Jul 2004
    Ft Worth Tx

    Default Re: Mixing oil with gas?

    some recc. that you run 100 to 1 in the gas.

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    Jun 2005

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    100 ml or 100 what

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