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    Nov 2001


    Removed all necessary parts from my old engine and awaiting my new SBT...though I can't get the PTO flywheel off to save my life. First of all I can't find a chain wrench at any store as the instructions I have tried a pry bar and almost killed myself! Does the PTO remove counter clockwise?? Anyone else have a difficult time removing it??

    Thanks! :(

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    Feb 2001
    Westminster California


    what are you gonna pry? the PTO screws on and off. I assume the whoel thing is still together. if it is then do this
    get some spft rope and put it in one of the spark plugs of the motor. Now I assume you have a impeller wrench. After you put the rope in the motor turn it till the piston crushes the rope and makes the motor stop. now you may need a buddy to either hold the motor or put the motor in a vice to hold it.
    inset the impeller tool in the pto hole. put your breaker bar and socket on the impeller tool and then remove the PTO.
    If you dont have a impeller tool a pipe wrench and a metal tube to fit over the wrench handle to give you leverage work also. You need to remove the small grease fitting on the PTo so you odnt break it off flush.
    Or you can send it to SBT and they remove it but Im not sure if they do that. i assume they can do that

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    Nov 2001



    After reading some of the other posts, can I just send it back with the motor and have you all take it off???

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    Jun 2001


    You do not state which engine we are playing with...BUT, on most, the easiest thing to do at home is stuff the cylinder with length of rope, rotate engine in direction to remove the drive coupler to lock movement. Take a propane torch and "warm" the nose on the coupler,,DO NOT GO WILD!! You just want to get the thing really warm, leave it sit a few minutes (the heat soak will soften the thread goo). Have somebody hold engine, and use a long bar or whatever in between the couplers "fingers" and unscrew the coupler. It will take a little "UUMMMPH" to crack loose after the goo softens---WEAR GLOVES--the aluminum retains heat for a while.
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    Nov 2001


    I have now taken a blow torch to the PTO on the XL1200 and then tried to unscrew it off the crank using the recommendations and it is still not budging!! It is not worth the frustration at this point, so I will let SBT take it off. [img]/graemlins/angryfire.gif[/img]

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