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    Jul 2005

    Default Where does line to pisser go from?

    I got line from pump going to back of exhaust then from the nipple close to flush screw and up to head . And I got the small tube from head going to top of exhaust in front .

    But where do hock up the pisser? I got a T which have hocked up with a garden hose connector that is T-ed from pump and when I need flush I clamp the tube going from pump and connect a tapwater hose to connector .

    My thougt was that if I placed the T correctly I can connect the garden hose connector to another connector going to pisser. Maybe I need another T to do get the flush function too ?

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    Jul 2005

    Default Re: Where does line to pisser go from?

    Think I got it , T between nipple close to flush screw and head.

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