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    Jul 2005

    Default How to: Oil change???

    Is there something I can use for a guide to change my oil on a 2005 GTI

    Just bought it and aside from my oil light going on it seems to smoke at start up like it's running to rich. I am worried the oil I put in is bad. It was not seadoo brand. The oil light made me panic so I added oil. It was 2 cycle, non tcw-3. The label said it would work for XP/AP or whatever it was.

    Anyway, I would like to drain it and add new oil. What's the best way to do this??? Do you think my engine will be ok not using Seadoo oil!???

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    Feb 2004
    New Jersey

    Default Re: How to: Oil change???

    your engine will be fine , to drain the tank pull the line off top of the tank and use a drill pump and pump it into a jar or somthing . that wil get al your oil out then fill it with a good oil . you can get the oil shiped to your door its great oil or go to a dealer if you want to use doo oil . if you fill it and use it you wont need to worry about whats in the injection lines it will run though in the first few min of running . to be safe you can add a pint to your gas tank to make sure your oil system gets any air run out . keep an eye on it for bubbles .
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    Jul 2005

    Default Re: How to: Oil change???

    What does bubble mean (in terms of effects?

    Bubbles during the periods when engine running or not running?

    I remember seeing bubbles in an oil line when the engine was not running. 2 small air bubbles.

    Also, can I just run a line right into the oil fill spout and use the oil pump? rather than pulling the line off?

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