I need some help from all you Yamaha experts. I just installed my new SBT engine last night and after cranking it over for a couple minutes, it fired right up (Stronger than ever). While the install was fairly easy, I think I may have hooked a couple water lines up incorrectly. While on the hose, water came out of the jet pump while running, but couldnt really get any water to come out of either side of the hull (which appear to be there to indicate proper water flow throughout the exhaust and engine sleeves) When I pushed the throttle in quick spurts I could get a little water to "Spray" out the Left side. Now, let me know if I'm wrong, but the left side exit hose is hooked to the exhaust and the right side is hooked up to the engine casing. Is this correct or do I have it backwards, or does it even matter? Could there be some kind of blockage in the brand new engine? Could low water pressure from the hose cause this lack of water indication? Any help would be appreciated!