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Thread: Intake manifoil

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    Jul 2005

    Default Intake manifold

    While waiting for parts to my 650SJ 93mod (took two day from USA,FL to Norway , still waiting for clearance , been stacked in airport since 1/8 early morning , xxxx customs) .
    I was cleaning the surfaces on manifold and and made sure that all surfaces was even. Then I noticed the rough surfaces inside the manifold. Could these be sanded to get even and smooth? Ive heard of polished intake manifolds before , I guess it improves flow into engine. Is this also true in this case?

    I have dremel tools and wet 400 sanding paper to my disposal.

    I will not attemt to get the polished look since that is alot of work.

    What does the Ski Gurus think of it?
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    May 2005

    Default Re: Intake manifoil

    I've been looking for the true answer to this question, but never have gotten anything conclusive.

    Many people claim polishing internal components helps to improve flow by making it easier for fluids to slip by.

    However I have heard a number of compelling arguments from various people more expert in fluid dynamics that polished surfaces allow fluids to more evenly bind and spread over the surface, having a net overall effect on impeding proper flow.

    So, I don't know which to believe -- I would also love to hear any theories or success stories ....
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