Ok ran last saturday for 3 or more hours with no problems. Had a steady stream coming out of taletail. Sunday ran 20 minutes and ski overheated pure steam out the pisser, Got back to the ramp after a tow and ski started but no water out the pisser. Checked some cooling lines all were attached, the one that runs from the manifold to the waterbox was soft and flat, I will change out all the rubber hoses this weekend.

I have flushed the cooling system and sprayed the engine inside water jackets with WD40 and blew on it from both ends, does not seem clogged. Runs on the hose with no problems. I have seen other post about the wear ring. I just replaced pump from a 97 model as the one I had was froze up. Do i need to change the impellar? While looking into the pump I see even spacing around the impellar and the wear ring. Looks like 1/8th inch. I am new to this and this thing has become my newest bank account.