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    Aug 2005

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    Hey guys,
    new to the forum here, but i have an f12x 04. i have about 60 hrs on it and during the past week it has been giving me low oil warning when ever i take it above 50mph, right where the turbo kicks in. so i took it to honda and they cant figure out what is wrong, they have had it for almost two weeks now and they said no1 has ever had this happen before that wasnt from low or dirty oil. one interesting thing is one time i flipped it completely over and re righted it and it stopped.
    Does anyone know what could be wrong or has had this problem.
    honda wants to take the engine out and look at that but then i wont get it back for at least another 2 weeks


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    Sep 2002

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    Did Honda ever figure this out? I don't have a clue what would cause that.

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    Aug 2005

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    yes, after 2 weeks they finally figured out that it was the high pressure senor and some other bs that caused it to go off, there was no damage to the engine or anything like that, the only real damage was that i didnt have my jetski for 2 of my 3 weeks of summer break from my school US Coast Guard Academy, so that sucked alot owell at least its good now

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