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    Aug 2005

    Default Ultra 150 v. STXR

    Is it true that the ultra 150 is much faster than the stxr? if so, why is it that way as both engines are the same except for the hull? another question is 'what is a flame arrestor? Is it an air filter?

    i hope someone can give me a good advice on this as i'm still at a learning stage of understanding the basis...thank you and god bless :emoticonb

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Ultra 150 v. STXR

    The hull obviously plays a huge role in the charactoristics of a ski. Yes the Ultra 150 is faster - it's much lighter and smaller.The flame arrestor on a PWC is just a wire mesh screen to prevent a backre flame from spreading to the inside of a hull should it happen up the intake. 2 stroke PWCs do not have air filters.
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    Aug 2004
    St. Louis

    Default Re: Ultra 150 v. STXR

    Due to the hull differences in most cases the STXR is faster out of the hull and has a higher top end in chop.

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