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Thread: 1994 700 Slt

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    Aug 2005
    Palestine, Texas

    Default 1994 700 Slt

    This 700 SLT unit runs great, and is a lot of fun. From what I'm reading on this forum, I need to plug the oil pump, and go to a premix fuel, 50/1? What's involved, and how do you do it?

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    Jul 2005

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    You can buy a block off kit from sbt(here) for 15 bucks. Then you need to remove the carbs for easier access to the pump. You can try to work around the carbs, but its a real tight fit. The oil pump in on the bottom of back cylinder under the carb, and mine had two hex screws to take off. You will probably need a little mirror to help you with this procedure. You then want to take everything out inside where the pump was. I'm pretty sure on a 94 that there is a rubber piece that needs to be taken out with some pliers. You then put the block off piece and plug the place where the oil went in the carbs (parts are given with the kit.) Hope this made sense, if not I'm sure someone else will chime in and help you out.

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