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    Jul 2005
    Harpers Ferry, WV

    Default Re: Bought a new F12X... some questions(??)

    Thanks again for the replies!!! Towed it 800 miles (each way!!) last week up to my camp in Maine!!! Took it out on the big lake and WOW!!! What fun on open water!! The F12X demolishes waves and is very stable even in fairly windy & rough conditions!!! I kept out of the turbo 99% of the time and fuel economy was very impressive!! It's amazing how fast I could get from point A to point B even while keeping the speed under 50MPH!!! The wife had a mishap with a large rock, but the fiberglass hull remained intact and the damage is only cosmetic (gel coat) on the very bottom of the craft.... A batch of Marine Tex will fix her right up (the ski, not the wife!!):D

    Okay, one last question... does anyone have the Purolater One oil filter number for the F12X and where can I obtain or find Purolator filters for PWC's??? I bought enough Honda oil filters from the dealer to last through the warranty period. Thanks again!!!:emoticont

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    Mar 2001
    Mooresville, NC

    Default Re: Bought a new F12X... some questions(??)

    Boost is actually a good thing on the turbo for efficiency. But yes, when WOT, you start making lots of power which eats that gas you are trying to save.

    by increasing boost pressure at cruising speeds, macsboost has the potential to increase gas mileage as long as you stay away from WOT.
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