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    Jul 2005
    North Jersey

    Default SL 750 electric fuel pump/ vortex f/a's and jetting

    Tech, if this is the wrong place, please move it

    1994 SL 750
    SBT engine, stock prop.
    Oil injected
    87 octane

    I have seen numerous posts on these topics, and curiosity and necessity got the better of me. I installed an electric fuel pump from the local auto parts store. Box said good replacment for carbed engines, auto or marine. Wired it just like a bilge pump, and secured to the top of the engine compartment using one of the grab bar bolts. Plumbed the carbs in series.

    Installed a set of O-Pro vortex F/A's. Ken told me to open the needles stock + 1/2 turn to start. Popoff is stock, 14 ~15psi on all 3. Carbs rebuilt recently, no gunk inside.

    OK. Here's the results. Needed to rejet the HS for the F/A's. Looked and looked locally for 102.5's because that is what comes with the polaris airbox update. Couldn't fine them. Tried 100's. Too lean on top with screws 3 turns out. Tried 105's. Good color with HS screws closed. 102.5's are correct, but at least no one can lean out my top end and kill it. LS are around 5/8 open.

    Fuel pump results:
    DON'T DO IT!!!!!
    It looses it's prime fast. Starting it is a pain. I still have the chokes, but will install a primer setup later on. I am sure that will help, BUT. . . At idle, the charging system really can't deliver the amps that the thing needs to work properly. This kills the holeshot from any idle over 30 seconds or so because the fuel just isn't there. At any speed above idle, there is enough juice to keep it spinning, and you wouldn't even notice.

    I don't have a GPS or radar yet, but I took the average reading from the stock guage, as well as the guage on my 1100 raider chase boat. I know the stock speedo's are optimistic, but it was smooth as glass, i know the raider is bone stock and should do 58~ 59, and that is what i was seeing over a mile long run at WOT. Close enough for now.

    54MPH @ 6220rpm's


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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: SL 750 electric fuel pump/ vortex f/a's and jetting

    I'll never understand why people try to fix non-existant problems. The pulse pumps work just fine, and we could have told you electrics don't work alone, it's been done before...years and years ago. A $40 Mikuni pump is all it takes.
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    Jul 2005
    North Jersey

    Default Re: SL 750 electric fuel pump/ vortex f/a's and jetting

    Before doing this, i did plenty of research. I have been viewing these forums since i got my new engine 3 yrs ago. I saw the topic come up, but no reason as to why not. I am an engineering student, and i need to prove things one way or another. I wanted to post this so that others know why not, instead of just a simple no, because all that does is stir curiosity, as in my case.

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    Aug 2001
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Re: SL 750 electric fuel pump/ vortex f/a's and jetting

    12 amp pump, 10 amp battery...any more questions???
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