I have 2 new 05 4 tec NA GTX's with approx. 30 some hours on each. I serviced them both at 12 hours (oil and filters) according to the service proceedures on the 2004 CD ROM service manual that I purchased. I was able to clear the "maint" message on one machine by pressing and holding the "set" button for 2 seconds while the maint message flashes. I can't clear the other machine. I called the dealer where I purchased the ski's and took them to the shop and their response was "I'm not suposed to be able to clear the message as they have to do it with a laptop and BUDS".(They charge $10 per ski to do this) My question to him was why can I clear one and not the other??? His response was "he didn't know and in his training, he has never heard of clearing the message with the set button." There are no "fault" messages or check engine lights and the machines run fine. My question is: Is the proceedure to clear the "maint" message with the set button the same for the 2005 model year GTX 4 tec NA? If it is, then they (dealer) get to find out why it won't clear under warranty.