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    Sep 2005
    St. Petersburg, FL

    Default Poor low end performance on 05 GP1300R?

    I've posted this around a few places and have received a few suggestions, but nothing has worked yet.

    The ski is at the dealer, who I trust, but I am doing some research to possibly expedite the repair :)

    05 GP1300R - Bone stock - Yamalube

    If you hit WOT off of idle, it is very slow to accelerate. Not untill about half speed does the power kick in, then it feels pretty good. Sounds like a slight miss..or computer controlled timing retard or something like that. I have no warning lights or beeps, no codes. Ski has done this since 0 hours and is still the same at 12 hours.

    A couple of comparisons to other skis... My old stock 98 GP1200 was a lot faster out of the hole. My wifes 05 15F leaves me by at least 10-12 boats and even then its really slow to real her in.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Aug 2005

    Default Re: Poor low end performance on 05 GP1300R?

    I have riden my friends 1300 and i know what you mean. I think it is because of how big the hull is so it takes awhile to get up on a plane. if you dont already haveing the vts adjusted down when your starting helps a little

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