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    Aug 2005
    Svendborg ( ThurÝ )

    Default Help Kawasaki 550 jetski Carb...


    I have this Kawasaki 550 Jetski, It will not run more than one min, Before the Rpm Goes down.

    I startet the ski this morning and sailed 50yards, it took Rpm and that was good but after that i could only hold the ski startet with Gas at MAX... and the ski whent on very low RPM.. and then it turned of:o(

    Some People says it is the Carburator I need to fix?

    Help Me.. What's Going on..

    Nicolaj J R


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    Jul 2005

    Default Re: Help Kawasaki 550 jetski Carb...

    I am new to carbs too, but I have two 550's getting carbs work right now. What carburetor do you have and do you know if it's been fooled with. I guess there is some jetting mods that are irreversable on the 44bn round ones like mine. Anyway, I am lucky to have a really good jet ski mechanic, I could ask him your question. Maybe it would help me understand mine because they sound similar - poor idle and performance. Do you have a choke or primer?

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    Aug 2005
    Svendborg ( ThurÝ )

    Default Re: Help Kawasaki 550 jetski Carb...

    The Carb.. is the Org. 28mm on the Kawsaki 550,- What's Rong?

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    Aug 2004
    Olympia, WA

    Default Re: Help Kawasaki 550 jetski Carb...

    Have you checked for exhaust leaks? Double check your tank pressure releif valve? How old is the gas? Try running a line straight from the tank reserve line through the fuel pump into the carb. Most likely, you have a restriction somewhere. (Fuel Selector switch, water sep bowl, fuel lines delaminating)
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    Apr 2019

    Default Re: Help Kawasaki 550 jetski Carb...

    Can anyone tell me the stock carb settings on an 89 JS 550 and a 91 550 sx?

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