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    Sep 2005

    Question Can the STOP button be stuck???

    I know this is a far fetched question, but on a 1996 GSX, could the Stop/Start button be broken and cause it to not have any spark?

    I've seen on the board that randomly some peoples "No Spark" problem is the start/stop button.

    I am not sure if this can be possible since there is only 1 button to both stop/start the engine.

    Anyone ever experience that? Any info will be appreciated.

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    Aug 2001
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Re: Can the STOP button be stuck???

    On your model, the start/stop switch provides a ground signal to the MPEM. There is only one set of wires the MPEM monitors the engine status (off or running) and provides the appropriate output (+12v to solenoid or ground to CDI output).

    So the switch is either good or bad.
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