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    Aug 2005

    Default 750 impeller problems

    I tried to buy a impeller at a jetski shop today but the guy behind the counter has no idea what the number stands for. I asked him what kind of pitch is for low end and which is for top end. He said he had a impeller that does both in one, it helps acceleration and top end. That doesnt make sense though....can that be true? I want alot of top end on my 750 xi sport but dont want to loose too much down low. What numbered impeller should i look for?

    Also i took my intake grate out and noticed some scaring in the jet nozzle around the impeller....could that be robbing speed? There are about 3 or so nice scratches in it that ar about a couple of millimeters deep, deep enough to feel with you nail or index finger. Should i seek to fix that?

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    Sep 2005
    O.C. Cal

    Default Re: 750 impeller problems

    For the impellar I would recomend a Solas Concord impellar. You will get more pickup and about 2-3 on the top end.

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