Me and my girlfriend won a contest which gave us $6,000 towards any new Kawasaki ATV, Cycle, or Watercraft.

We already have 2 quads, and not much interest in getting a street bike currently.

We were going to get the 2006 Kawi STX 15F, which would cost us $3400 without trailer, but I decided before we did that, I would make this post.

We would much rather buy or trade for a used jet boat. Looking on ebay, I could find a few diffrent models, specificlly the Yamaha LS 2000,, which new was over 20k, but sells on ebay between $6-10k.

So if you have a boat and might be interested in a trade, please contact me soon. We have to claim prize by the 15th, but we already have plans to go this Saturday.

So if we were to make a deal, this $6,000 could go towards ANY NEW kawasaki.

Contact me if interested.