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    Apr 2005

    Question ultra 150 Impeller and bearing guidance

    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if anyone could with advice on bearing and impeller replacement and checks.

    The problem started when I was zipping about in the North sea Scotland (COLD) and I heard a whining noise from my ski, I limped back to the harbour and home to the garage where I stripped out the pump housing and impeller to discover that the bearing located under the cone section at the rear of the housing had totally disintegrated. Due to this bearing going the shaft had play and had been moving forward under load, this has caused the impeller to contact with the pump housing.

    The problem being that I have no comparison for checking how much of the impeller material has been lost, the impeller that was fitted was a SOLAS 16/20.

    The other thing is due to the impeller moving forward under load there may be some wear on the pump housing, what sort of problems could this cause and how would I check to ensure that it is OK?

    Finally if I need to replace the bearing at the cone section, what other bearings or seals would you advise me to change when the component is stripped down.

    P.S is there any oil levels that I should check or fill on a regular basis, as I cant find any fill point on the engine.

    Please excuse the amount of questions but I am new to DIY ski repairs.

    Thanks for your help! :emoticont


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    Feb 2005
    south jersey

    Default Re: ultra 150 Impeller and bearing guidance

    Here is a link to the subject on the ultra 150 board. It seems the pump bearings in ultra 150's need replacing more often than most ski's.

    You need to replace all the bearings and seals in the pump and cone while you have it out.

    Re how worn your prop is. If you have access to accurate measuring tools you can compare the measurements to new specs.

    Or, do the bearing job, then put the prop in the housing and measure the clearance between the prop and housing, using feeler gauges.

    I believe you can adjust the clearance somewhat by adding or removing shims.
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    Sep 2005
    O.C. Cal

    Default Re: ultra 150 Impeller and bearing guidance

    The pump bearings on the ultra 150's do go regularly. Any deep scratches in housing? How much clearance does the impellar have? Might as well replace all seals and bearings while you have it disassembled.

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    Jul 2006

    Default Re: ultra 150 Impeller and bearing guidance

    valid link ?

    old link dead thxs

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