Frequently Asked Questions regarding the SBT Warranty Process

1. Am I responsible for roundtrip shipping?
You are responsible for shipping the claim into SBT. SBT pays for the return shipping on all claims in the Continental U.S. All International customers are responsible for roundtrip shipping.

2. I don't have the original box. How do I package the engine?
You do not have to have the original box; a sturdy corrugated box will be fine. You are responsible for any damages in shipping so it is very important that the proper packing is used and insured for at least $2,000.

3. I didn't do the original install, how do I know what parts should be returned?
Our engine is a shortblock with a head. All electronics, carburetion, exhaust, flywheels, etc. need to be removed. A complete description of the parts that should be sent in is available here: SBT is not responsible for and does not return extra parts sent in.

4. Who should I use for shipping?
Any shipping company that utilizes a tracking system is recommended. When shipping an engine, it should be insured for a minimum of $2,000.

5. Will someone notify me when my claim is received?
No, but with the tracking number you may contact the shipping company to find out if the package was delivered or when it is scheduled to be delivered.

6. How long is it before I receive a replacement?
Once the claim is received at SBT, it is approximately 2 weeks before a replacement is shipped out.

7. How do I find out the results of the analysis?
A copy of the analysis is shipped with the replacement.

8. Will someone call me when the replacement is shipping?
No, we do not call but if an email address is on file, the computer will automatically send a notification of shipment with the tracking number of the package.

9. Does the warranty start over with the replacement engine?
The replacement does not come with a new warranty. The warranty is based on the original sales date.

10. Can I purchase an extended warranty?
SBT does not sell extended warranties.