Ok, I am tooling with the exhaust pipe from the water box to the outlet of the hull....anyways, I see the main water line coming from the pump to a T that splits it to the waterbox and one to the engine head. As im looking at it, the pissers are coming from different sections of the pipe. I don't understand how water is coming out of the pipe, seems like water should be going in. There is also a larger hose that is exiting the hull where you hook up the flush kit. Water goes out from this hose also. There is one last smaller hose that is on the top wall of the pump that im guessing also exists water. Hope I didnt lose ya. Basically just wanting to know where the water from the engine head is going at if water is being injected into the pipe anywhere else?

Also, whats the cheapest and best place to get water bypass exit fittings and water restrictors ect. ect. ????