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Thread: 760 xl problem

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    Mar 2003
    West Coast Fla.


    Hey Ya'll! Took the waverunner out on Monday for the was working fine at home before we left.
    Loaded it in the water and got it going and it only went up to a speed of 8mph max at WOT. I could hear the engine trying to kick in, but there was no rise in the speed. After a short, short ride, it stalled. I could get it started again, but it would not stay started. It would just stall. Loaded up and went home. What a waste! We were disappointed. [img]graemlins/crying.gif[/img]
    Now, I don't know what to look for or at first! Battery is fine and that is about the extent of my knowledge. Sorry. :(
    What could it be? Spark plugs, fuel filter, intake, carbs???? Action Sports here in Bradenton said it might be something stuck in the intake. What do you think? I don't want to spend $$ unless I HAVE to.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Mar 2003


    What I'm suspecting is that you either have massive pump damage, or something cloggin your intake, yes. Also, these engines don't just stall - you may have been seizing it, probably due to an overheat, if your pump was obstructed or cavitating that badly and you were reving it up. NEVER revup the engine or try to ride it if it's got pump damage - that's also the cooling water supply to the engine!

    Right now you need to inspect your pump and do a compression test on the engine to see if you have done any damage so far.
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    Mar 2003
    West Coast Fla.


    I had cleaned out the cooling lines last weekend before we took it out-seems to be par for the course in salt water. I will inspect the cooling lines again and the intake, but I do not have the ability to do a compression test here at home. I guess that means a trip to the shop. yay.
    After it stalled during the first ride, I started it back up and it promptly petered out when it was without throttle. I did not start it again. We just packed up. Sux.
    Thanks for your advice! I hope it doesn't cost too much, but whatever. We do want ride it when my brother gets back in a couple of weeks from Baghdad.

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