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    May 2003
    San Jose, CA


    I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM LIKE toolman, whom post his message "mult function dash ".

    ... I have the full tank on 97- GP 760 , but the low fuel indicator display and its make a very loud alarm. I tried to identify the " sending unit " and fix the gas float sensor. Is the sending unit on top of the gas tank ? and I saw 2 wires on top of the tank, if i cross this two lines it the correct way to by pass the sensor.?....thanks very much....


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    Jul 2001
    Jacksonville nc


    I took the whole sending unit out of the tank. On the bottom there is a pin held in place with a cotter key, take that off. Once all that is off the float will slide out. My float looked good. When a place it in a bowl full of water, would float, but when I placed it in a bucket full of fuel tharn thing went to the bottom. I fixed that by coating it with 8802, guk-N-pucky used in aircraft to seal fuel tanks. I gues a good RTV would also work.

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