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    Feb 2002
    Lake Butler, Florida

    Default FS: Parts / Whole Ski 2000 Polaris SLX

    Title says it all. Ski is for sale as is or any performance parts off ski are for sale until it is returned back to stock.Ski contains:

    SOLD-BHE sponsons
    SOLD-HSP Rideplate
    -R&D small wing intake grate
    SOLD-Skat Adjust-A-Nozzles (with several rings)
    SOLD-Wetwolf angled AAT
    SOLD-Tau Ceti Carbon Fiber F/A's
    SOLD-PRO 785 44mm Mikuni Carbs
    SOLD-Aftermarket Intake Manifolds for Mikuni Carbs
    SOLD-HSP 150psi domes
    SOLD-HSP 1 piece billet head (tapped for individual water outlets per cylinder)
    SOLD-V-Force 2 Reeds (Used)
    SOLD-V-Force 3 reeds (new in box)
    -Race team Triple Pipes (comes with everything needed to fit in hull, except
    PRO 785 gas tank)
    -HSP PRO 785 Waterbox
    SOLD-Limited CDI
    -Triple Exhaust port cylinders (These need some minor work but make huge
    power gains) - Very cheap considering they need some slight repairs.

    There may be other little things I'm forgetting/leaving out but that's about it...All the parts are available (along with notes to make install very simple) as a package as well.

    Ski is $4,500 as is (with everything mounted). Mechanically the ski is in excellent shape Hull has a few minor dings (as to be expected on a ski from 2000). Top deck is in good shape; decals have shoe scuffs on them. Engine has 280+/- hours with compression 148-150-149 and leak down very good.

    In it's current state the ski needs a little bit of tuning time/mild modification to truly utilize pipes. Ski currently spins up to 7500-7550 before running out of gas. To truly maximize perormance ski needs a 3rd pulse line and fuel pump added to spin up in to the 7600-7700 range and run 72-73...However it can be propped down with a Nu-Jet 7.0 (or stock) prop to spin 7450+/- at 70-71 all day long.

    Ski has never been "dogged" out. Has been extremely well kept and run on Pennzoil Synthetic oil at 40:1 premix for 90% of these hours. Prior to that it was the Polaris gold synthetic.

    Get in touch if interested in: or PM me...
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