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    fly2crawl Guest

    Exclamation speedster engine won't start!

    I just got done putting my speedster back together, completely rebuilt jet drives, SBT engines with 17.5 hours on them from last fall...well today i took it out to launch it, we had it on the trailer in the water to test everything without drifting around or getting stuck in the river somewhere, well both engines were running fine when the left engine tach failed (engine was still running) a minute later the engine quit, well now when i tried to start it back up the tach was working again reading about 400rpm's with the starter but the engine won't run. Here's what i've done but i still can't figure out why it's not working.

    I have a complete spare electrical box from another '95 speedster that i had and parted out, i replaced the little square green plastic filled boxes with the two yellow wires and red and black wire coming out of it inside the electrical box, put 3 coils in it (the wire on the coil is getting a pulsing ~6volts~? of power so power is going to the coil. It is getting the exact same amount of power as the other engine, and the strb. engine runs perfectly...there is no spark coming out to the spark plugs, the engine is grounded as electricity flows freely through it, so even though i have put 3 coils in it could that still be the problem? is there a way to test the coil pack?

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    Mar 2003

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    Most likely you have some damage to the stator. Pull the flywheel and inspect it all.
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    Default Re: speedster engine won't start!

    SHEW! i didn't have to pull the engine, i took it to a local seadoo dealer here at the beach and they hooked up some kind of test harness to the 4 prong plug and messed with some stuff and got it working, i have no idea what the problem was aside from the fact that it's a boat and loves to have me dump money on it.

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