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    Aug 2005
    Metamora, IL

    Default 750 SX Hard Starting Starting

    I have a 93 sx which has a history of hard/no starting. I literally spent more time trying to start this thing than riding it. it seems as though I start it in the garage and it and starts with no problem 85% of the time. Then I take it to the lake and I can't get it started so I take it home and it sits and then the next day it starts up with no problem.

    When it does start it runs great, ver strong and once started and warm it seems to start up over and over with no problems, but If I let it sit even to eat lunch or something then I have a hard time getting it to start again.

    I have rebuilt the motor with all new gaskets and am sure the crankcase is sealed with 1211. I have tested compression and both cylinders are both at 187psi.

    When it wont start, I can verify spark by pulling the plugs and cranking and I know I have fuel because I have a primer installed and I can see the gas being pumped in to the carb manifold through the lines. I have also inspected the reeds when I rebuilt the motor and they are like new.

    any suggestions?

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    Aug 2001
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    Default Re: 750 SX Hard Starting Starting

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