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    Mar 2006

    Smile 770 Core Exchange

    I mistakenly ran my wife's 770 Monte Carlo ski low on oil 4 yrs back. I thought her boat was toast since Tigershark is out of the PWC business. She told me she didnt want a new ski, she liked hers. ( she likes how big it is and the color scheme). So, after 4 yrs of looking around and taking up storage space, I found SBT. Around $400 bucks and 5 days later, i have the solution to my problem. Thnx so much from saving me ultimate doom from my wife. Im so excited to install these parts..but i Live in Michigan and have to wait for more warmer weather... THnx Boy-o's! :emoticont

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    Mar 2003

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    LOL I know how finicky the wife can be ;) Glad to help!
    SBT Tech Support is here to help with your problems.
    We try to answer each question quickly and accurately.
    Please do not use Private Messaging for Tech Support, use the forums.

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    Apr 2006

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    where do i find out more info on a 770 core exchange

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    Cores - The core is your old engine. SBT does not charge a core deposit up front, however all pricing is on an exchange basis assuming return of the core. The core must include all of the engine parts that were included in your new engine (including the nuts and bolts) and be returned to SBT within 14 days of receipt of new engine to avoid late fees. We do not accept aftermarket parts or ported cylinders / cases.

    Tigershark cores should include case, crank, cylinders and heads.

    We do have the 770 in stock at this time. Please call 877.330.0231 and ask for sales.
    Ericka Buczkowski

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