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    Mar 2006
    San Antonio TX

    Default starting the new 650

    Would it hurt to start my new 650 engine on the trailer before I put it in the water.The lake is 1 hour away and I wanted to make sure it fired up at the house before I drove all the way to the lake.
    I do not have a flush kit so it would be starting it and running with out water in it.And if it is ok to do what is the max time I can run it.I was thinking no more than 5 seconds.
    I was looking at breakin and it said idle in water for 10 min. and then vary throttle to 20% for 30 min.does that mean go 20% for 1 min then let off or more often
    Thanks Kenny

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: starting the new 650

    You can do that for up to 15 seconds.
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    Mar 2006
    San Antonio TX

    Default Re: starting the new 650

    It sounds so good!!! kinda like a race car engine with a wild cam.
    I can't wait till Sunday to put it in the water.
    Thanks SBT!!!

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