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    May 2006

    Question Ran Great but now water in cyliniders?

    Hi guys am hoping someone here can help me out. I recently just sold me 95 wave venture it only had 95 hours on it. i brought it out of the garage made it look all pretty. i made sure it ran flushed it out everything looked great. so i sell it to a guy who was impressed with the condition of it and all and how well it ran. He takes it hope. i get 3 calls the next day asking me 30 different questions on it and how it works, then he asks how to flush it out. i told him about the hose inside the hall and again i hang up. i get a call back 30 min later from the guy saying that it stopped running. he said he’s taken it apart!.. and that there’s water in the cylinders. now my question is what could be the problem. it ran great for me when i was checking it over I to ran it with water hooked up but not for more then 45 sec to a min. i have not however had it back in the water this year. so i am unaware of any problems that developed while in storage. how long can u run one of these with a garden hose hooked up? Would this be an over heating problem? he said it was running for a few min till it stopped. Any insight would be great am wondering if there was a problem before or after i sold it. now i have no way of telling cause i have no idea what he has been doing to it.

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    Mar 2003

    Default Re: Ran Great but now water in cyliniders?

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